Dice- Adopted
Mixed Breed White w/Orange- Placed
2 Chihuahua Mixes- Placed
2 Shih Tzus- Placed
2 Beagle Mix Pups- Placed
Warrick County Animal Control Services
Currently Available Dogs-

Shadow- Female Black Labrador
Jr.- Yellow Male Labrador
Owner stated male was becoming aggressive and surrendered both dogs.

Chow Chow Mix- Owner surrender, due to he escaped from his outside pen and killed 3 cats. 

Available Soon

Shepherd Mixed Breed-Stray

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Animals currently at Warrick County Animal Control
Updated 10/21/11
The dogs have been adopted, placed or returned to owner too quick to post photos up to this point!  What a great problem to have!
Currently Available Cats-

Male Tabby, He is neutered, front declawed and very social! 
Black Feral
Black/White Male